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All approved borrowers can elect to pay $1/month while in residency and fellowship programs

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Pay $1 per month

Reduce the burden of your loans and pay only $1 per month during residency and fellowship

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Eligible borrowers will receive an interest rate between 5.62% - 5.81%* APR- saving you thousands

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We replace your many loans with one new loan that has only one monthly payment

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“Residency is a very busy and stressful time, and making financially sound decisions is a challenge when you are spread so thin. GradSchoolLoans helped me navigate the process and made it easy for me to make the right decision about my student loans.”

Kirt M.

Urology, Case Western Reserve Medical School '15

An experience that saves you both time and money

When we say simple, we mean it!

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Tell us where you are in your career, a little bit about your current loans, your credit, and voila..you're on your way!

It’s Loan
Application Time!

This is our favorite part because it means we can save you a lot of money. Our customer experience team is on standby in case you have any questions.

You’re Refinanced!

Once you accept the terms, we pay your other lenders to consolidate your loans. You will receive a welcome kit and access to a dedicated account manager.